Product monographs

A monograph is a written description of particular elements on an identified topic. Product monographs apply when there is more than one medicinal ingredient or to outline the conditions of use based on a product category (e.g. medicated skin care products, antiseptic skin cleansers, etc). The monographs below are currently referenced by the NHP Ingredients Database but do not yet have a generated monograph, which means that less information is pre-populated in the ePLA. When selecting the application type in an ePLA, the 'Compendial' application type must be selected when attesting to a product monograph.

Electronic product licence application form

Pre-Cleared information

Pre-Cleared information (PCI) is any form of information supporting the safety, efficacy or quality of a medicinal ingredient or natural health product that NNHPD has reviewed and determined to be acceptable.

PCI can be used to speed up the evaluation of the NHP, and serves as a reliable source of product information for consumers.

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