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Monograph: Active hexose correlated compound - Powder (AHCC-FD)

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For products in granule form, please refer to the "Active Hexose Correlated Compound - Granule (AHCC-FG)" monograph.
This monograph is intended to serve as a guide to industry for the preparation of Product Licence Applications (PLAs) and labels for natural health product market authorization. It is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the medicinal ingredient. Notes: (i) Text in parentheses is additional optional information which can be included on the PLA and product label at the applicant's discretion. (ii) The solidus (/) indicates that the terms and/or the statements are synonymous. Either term or statement may be selected by the applicant.

Date: 2012-11-15


Active hexose correlated compound (Sumiyoshi et al. 2010)

Proper Name(s)

Active hexose correlated compound ( Spierings et al. 2007 , Matsui et al. 2002 )

Common Name(s)

Source Material

Lentinula edodes (Mycelia) ( Fujii et al. 2011 , Sumiyoshi et al. 2010 )
The mycelium extract of Shiitake (Lentinula edodes (Berk.) Pegler (1976) (Marasmiaceae)) must be freeze-dried.

Route Of Administration


Dosage Form(s)

The acceptable pharmaceutical dosage form is limited to capsules. This monograph is not intended to include foods or food-like dosage forms such as bars, chewing gums or beverages.

Use(s) or Purpose(s)

Statement(s) to the effect of:

Antioxidant  (Ye et al. 2004, Ye et al. 2003, Wang et al. 2001)



Dose(s): not to exceed 3.6 Grams per day, AHCC powder
Directions For Use: Take with at least 240 ml liquid (water, milk, fruit juice or similar aqueous beverage). Taking this product with insufficient liquid may result in choking and/or esophageal blockage/obstruction of the throat, esophagus or intestine (US FDA 2009, Matsui et al. 2002)

Duration of use

No statement is required

Risk Information

Statement(s) to the effect of:

Caution(s) and Warning(s):
No statement is required

No statement is required

Known Adverse Reaction(s):
Symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea have been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use  (Sumiyoshi et al. 2010, Matsui et al. 2002)

Non-medicinal ingredients

Must be chosen from the current Natural Health Products Ingredients Database and must meet the limitations outlined in the database.


  • The finished product specifications must be established in accordance with the requirements described in the NHPD Quality of Natural Health Products Guide.
  • The medicinal ingredient must comply with the requirements outlined in the Natural Health Products Ingredient Database (NHPID).
  • The medicinal ingredient must comply with the requirements outlined in the Natural Health Products Ingredients Database (NHPID).

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