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Monograph: Theanine, L-

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Date: 2019-06-02


L-Theanine (ChemIDplus Advanced)

Proper Name(s)

Common Name(s)

L-Theanine ( Unavailable )

Source Material

Route Of Administration


Dosage Form(s)

Use(s) or Purpose(s)

Statement(s) to the effect of:

Helps to temporarily promote relaxation.



Dose(s): 1 Day per day

Duration of use

No statement is required

Risk Information

Statement(s) to the effect of:

Caution(s) and Warning(s):
No statement is required

No statement is required

Known Adverse Reaction(s):
No statement is required

Non-medicinal ingredients

Must be chosen from the current Natural Health Products Ingredients Database and must meet the limitations outlined in the database.


  • The finished product specifications must be established in accordance with the requirements described in the NHPD Quality of Natural Health Products Guide.
  • The medicinal ingredient must comply with the requirements outlined in the Natural Health Products Ingredient Database (NHPID).